Walking the Camino in a pair of Nike Free

Normally when you go for a travel people will greet you and wish you a good journey. Nothing special. When I’ve told people that I’m going to walk the Camino towards Santiago de Compostela and that it was going to be my first long walk the reaction has been different.

For some reason everyone have a well meant good advice. Like in everyone. Even though I know very few people who have been walking the Camino or even are trekkers.

I like advices and in general I always say: “Bring it on” – cause I will choose by myself which advices that suits me and then I will use these advices.

With the Camino it has been overwhelmed. Most common advice has been regarding shoes. “You need good shoes”, “Have you get some good shoes?”, “It HAS to be trekking shoes”…. etc. etc.

I’m not a trekking shoes kind of guy. I have warm feets and I can’t see myself in a big trekking shoe. I’m more a Nike Free kind of guy. People have a very hard time accepting this.

I know maybe I should learn a bit more from others but hey I guess I’m going to learn by myself this time. I don’t know – probably never grow old in this matter 😀

After one week

So one week through the Camino my Nike Free is still going strong. No blister or hurt ankels etc. On the contrary I’m doing great compared to many of my fellow Caminos.

At the end in Fisterra after 18 days

At the end I must admit that I got a bit of knee problems but doing 400 km including the Primitivo some small problems must be expected and I’m very happy about my choice. Actually I would do it again and I will advice other to do the same.

A pair of shoes like Nike Free is light, breathable and adjust to the terrain. Yes, you will feel the stones on the tracks more than in pair of trekking boots but the pros of a trekking shoe doesn’t offset the cons of a Nike Free.

The Nike Free is soft to wear, spacious and great when you hit the asphalt roads because then the trekking shoes are too heavy and unhandy.

I’m all in on Nike Free but thanks for all the advice’s. I did listen and among others bought myself some bamboo socks 🤩

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