Toledo and the top sights

I just needed to get out of Madrid for a while and Toledo was the perfect answer. I gathered a quick top list of sights to see in Toledo from blogs around the internet. Here is what I found to be must do:

– Mirador Del Valle
– Santa Tome & Plaza Zocodover
– Alcázar of Toledo
– Toledo Cathedral
– Synagogue Santa Maria la Blanca
– Monasterio San Juan de los Reyes
– Pub Medieval

To get there
It is very easy to get to Toledo. High-speed trains leave all day from Madrid from Puerta de Atocha station and it only takes around half an hour to cover the 75 km distance.

I bought a single ticket each way. I could have spared some Euros by buying a return ticket but I didn’t want to limit myself in time in the evening with a specific time to leave back for Madrid.

My trip
I started by walking from the train station to Mirador Del Valle to get a outlook of the city. It is best to start with this as the sun is behind you for your lookout and photo and because after a long day of walking you wouldn’t go all the way to the lookout.

After this I walked back to cross the Ronda de Juanelo bridge and enter the city walls. I started at Plaza Zocodover to get some water. I was in Toledo on a day with 38 degrees so water was needed. You could go for the sweets at Santa Tome and get some of the local famous marzipan. Unfortunately I don’t have a sweet tooth so I jumped over that one.

I also jumped over the next attraction Alcázar of Toledo and just walked by it. I’m not that much into army museums and weapons and even though it is a top list sight I think that you should always go see what primarily interest you.

I entered the next attraction Toledo Cathedral. You get an audio guide included in the entrance price which also is recommended by everyone. I think that is a great advise.

The audio guide is very good and I’m not usually a big fan of them. I think way to often they fail. This one didn’t and takes you through the history of the cathedral.

Toledo Cathedral is stunning. I think I’ve seen my share of cathedrals but this one takes it to the top. It is amazingly decorated and all the time you get more and more surprised.

I spend approximately two hours ending it with an extra walk around just to see the main decorations again. This cathedral itself would be a reason to go visit Toledo again some day while visiting Madrid.

Synagogue Santa Maria la Blanca and Monasterio San Juan de los Reyes were up next. I must admit I were full of impressions and history from the cathedral so the competition was tough for these two sights. Synagogue Santa Maria la Blanca is considered to be the oldest still standing synagogue in Europe and that itself makes it of course interesting. Monasterio San Juan de los Reyes is beautiful and worth a visit.

I ended up at the Medieval Pub for a local brewed Domus Toledo pilsner and headed back to the train station. I were back in Madrid at a quarter to eight just in time for a shower before dinner.

Toledo is beautiful and definitely an interesting sight if you are staying in Madrid for a while. I will recommend a visit anytime.

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