The art of travelling together

So you are good friends. So you are even a couple. So you think it could be a good idea to go travelling together. That sounds soooooo easy – but it ain’t.

Travelling together is not easy. It’s probably one of the toughest things you could do together with another person. Not because of the many hours spend together. Not because you are sharing the same room or bed through the night which in fact is a very private moment. Not because you get to know the other person’s character all the way to the bone. Or because of sharing the same toilet. Sleeping next to each other in a long bus ride or even getting ill together. No. This just makes you stronger together. The hard part is the pace.

So what pace are you traveling in? Would we fit together? I doubt it as I find it very difficult to fit with just anyone.

I’ve been lucky to have been travelling with my ex-girlfriend many times and recently I’ve gotten a new friend of mine with whom I just travel perfectly with.

So what is the code? What’s the secret? Well it is all about level of stress, tempo, when you are finish and what interests you.

I’m not a planner. Actually I love just to book my flight and maybe the day before my hostel. From there I’ll just go with the flow. I rarely do much research from home. Often it’s in the plane or when I land. Sometimes I know a bit about what to see like Copacabana in Rio or hot air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey. But often I don’t really know the sights that is to be seen in country or city I visit.

To some this might seem crazy. Why go visit a city if you don’t know what to see?

I find that every city got its most important sights. Before digging further down you got to see these sights. It would be crazy to go to Paris for the first time and not visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Coliseum in Rome. In the same way Barcelona, Istanbul, Bangkok and New York gives itself. So do the small cities. A quick research and you got the sights to be seen. It doesn’t take long.

When you’ve seen these sights you can start to explore. You can go people watching and you can try to understand the culture, language etc.

So travelling in this way demands that you have a travelling partner with the same mind. Who is ready to not knowing what the next day brings. If you are a planner your shouldn’t travel with me because I’m not. If you are a planner you most likely get stressed around me. That wouldn’t work.

The other thing is that tempo. When are you finish at a sight. Whether it is a trekking trip up a mountain, a museum or a cathedral everyone got their own pace. Everyone got a moment when they are finish exploring. That moment have to be as equal as possible. Because you don’t want to constantly have someone waiting for you or the other way around constantly be the one waiting. You need to almost finish at the same time.

So you see – it’s not easy travelling together. But when you find that someone just as with love you need to stick together. Because you never know if you’re gonna find it again.

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