I sounds like an invention made by a tourist organisation. I didn’t​ even know it was a thing until I looked it up on Google. Running or jogging while doing sightseeing. I love it. Sightrunning or sightjogging call it what you want. But running around in a city you don’t know and do some sightseeing at the same time is perfect. I don’t need to do it in a group or with a guide though.

For me it started with a run in Bangkok. I needed the exercise and went for a run. While doing Muay Thai in Thailand I learned to jog. I never been practising that but because of the heat it makes good sense to do in Thailand.

I really enjoyed it and combined with sightseeing it is perfect for me. I plan a route and a couple of sights to be included and then jog around in the city I’m at. Very important to me is that when I normally run it has always been about distance and time. I needed to track me route and have the exact time when I got back to actually enjoy the run because then I knew how good I did.

With jogging it is different. The time is out. I don’t need to follow the voice of my app giving me the time but just follow the music and look around my surroundings. Now I do it both at home and when travelling because it is just fantastic exploring a new city and at the same time feel good when you enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.

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