Even though I’ve travelled all my life there is still a special feeling in my body when leaving for my next travel. It is almost a feeling of panic. Typically I have been looking forward to going for a long time. Basically since I landed back home in Copenhagen Airport from my last travel. But a few days before leaving home it suddenly becomes so unreal. There is a lot of stuff to remember and tasks to close down. Suddenly I can’t postpone things to next week. Because next week I’ll be on the other side of the world. And I’m not to sit down with my computer checking emails or doing accounting or what ever.

The feeling is almost like I don’t want to go. Like I’m saying goodbye to my life back home in Denmark. Even though I know that what I’m leaving for is indeed life and what I’m leaving will for sure be there when I get back. No doubt about it. It is kind of a pretravel nervousness.

Why? But really – why? I’ve been excited for weeks sometimes maybe even months and still I get the feeling of missing out or forgetting something. I don’t think I never get used to it.

Practical mode
In the last days before leaving I’m always in that extra to-do mode. I’m all over with tons of chores and things I have to close down before leaving. I nearly doesn’t think about leaving but only on getting ready. In these days I’m a machine just looking forward to the next task and filling out to-do lists.

Leaving home
For some reason I’m always anciest on the day of leaving. Have I finished all my to-do’s and what about my home. Sometimes I’ll be away for quit awhile. I’m packing quickly and I almost have to drag myself out the door. I’m not looking forward to the travel at all but living in a bobble. Sometimes I almost want to just stay at home.

Of course I always come out of the door and go to the airport. I’m still in a bit of a bobble but I do get of to the airport and I know all the routines to get fast to the gate in Copenhagen Airport – Now I’m on the go.

I’m ready. Let me see what you’ve got. Nothing can stop me know. Okay I might be a bit tired but I’m ready to explore. My body instantly relaxes in a very special way. No matter where I land in the world I just want to get out there and see what this city, country and people is all about. I’ve landed and I’m at the best place to be. I’m travelling.

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