Málaga and it’s surroundings

Woop woop – let’s go travel my friend said. Her parents had just bought an apartment in Málaga, Spain. I was of course all in.

So this friend have been to Málaga several times. Actually all of her life. She likes sunbathing and relaxing.

I haven’t been sunbathing for many years but I liked the thought about sun in October and relaxing wasn’t a bad idea as I needed a small break.

Málaga is so cheap when it comes to renting a car. Just remember as always to bring a credit card and not a debit card like Visa/debit which is very common in Denmark.

So we rented a car to give us – especially me – some freedom to travel around.

After a couple of days with Lykke in the sun and me with the computer working and enjoying not being in cold Denmark it was time for me to get out and explore.


I went for a 10 kilometres run just to check out the area of Benalmádena and the next day we went for a drive.

Mijas – also know as the White City – Gibraltar and Punta de Tarifa (the Southernmost Point of Continental Europe) got a visit.

Mijas is very Insta-ish and gives you plenty of possibilities to get your Instagram account a few new shots.

Gibraltar is a small England in Spain which really is a funny size. I don’t really know what to feel about this as it doesn’t make sense. I guess it is all about financial advantages.

Red phonebooths, stuffed chicken and Pound… We went to the harbour for a glass of wine and some food. That was a good choice. Gibraltar without tourists. Perfect.

Punta de Tarifa is probably not the most obvious sight but I like the fact travelling to the most outer areas at least when I get the chance.

Actually it was a nice sight. The view towards Morocco is great and you really get an understanding of how close Europe and Africa is at this point. The kite surfers enyou the wind and the beach and we went for a swim 🙂


One more day of sun and we went on a trip towards Granada and the Alhambra castle. We took the road to Málaga and down the coast which showed out to be a good choice. The route is very beautiful and also the trip inland to Granada is worth the drive in the hilly terrain.

Granada is amazing and I understand the recommendation I’ve gotten from a lot of people. Small streets and fine tapas restaurants. Alhambra is of course the sight to visit. It is the biggest tourist attractions of Spain and you have to book in advance as it is sold out several months before.

We were lucky and got tickets online three days before as they opened up for a few tickets.

The castle is great and very well preserved. The gardens are beautiful and we enjoyed it for three hours.

Two small recommendations. Park in the street just before the parking lot and walk the rest of the way. It is free.

Be there in good time as you have to be there in time for your booking to the Plaza de Nazaríes.

The sunset is to be seen from Mirador San Nicolás downtown Granada as it got a great view towards Alhambra. It is full of people but I liked the view almost more than the Alhambra itself.

That’s it. One week in Málaga and a lot of relaxing.

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