Bangkok – Finally

Khao San Road - Bangkok

I don’t know why but when I need to get a way Bangkok just seems like the perfect solution. I just love this city with all its cars, chaos, smiling people, backpackers, great food, cheap copy shopping and warm climate.

First time I was in Bangkok is 16 years ago and since then I’ve stopped by a handful of times both alone, with family and girlfriend. What has been great is that they all also liked Bangkok. Therefore it has been easy to be a tourist guide in a city that I today know fairly well.

One thing is sure Khao San Road needs a visit, so do the Sukhumvit area and the Chatuchak weekend market. I’ll never miss these three locations since the are the essence of Bangkok at least to me.

All over both on these three location and where ever I go in Bangkok one thing is sure. Street food is a major part of the days going by. My eyes just can’t get enough passing a food stall on the street and over and over I have to taste, smell and look. I really enjoy this part of the daily life in Thailand. Eating is to a Dane so cheap and tasting a small dish here and there is an perfect way to fill your stomach slowly during the day.

This time in Bangkok is though a bit different. I’m traveling alone. After a year with a lot of changes it just makes sense. Landing in Suvarnabhumi Airport and taking the train towards center was a weird feeling this time. I’ve traveled alone before but in the past 8 ½ year I’ve had company so this time I suddenly felt very alone and in doubt whether Bangkok was the right choice.

I’ve been here a couple of days now and I’m sure it is. I’m very much left to myself but the target of this trip is to be alone and manage that. The goal is to learn to meditate and do some Muay Thai boxing. After all this is Thailand, this is Bangkok where else do you want to be.

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